Tanner Horn's art comes from the deepest depths of his soul.  The part that knows only truth.  Each one of his paintings seem to radiate with that truth.  With vibrant, bright, vivid colors  there is an honesty to his work that is refreshing in an oversaturated market of blah modernism.  This self taught artist lives and works in Los Angeles, Ca. Drawing daily inspiration from the diverse city that seems to never sleep.  "When I was a kid and I would travel to a new place I would always want to go to the downtown area of wherever I was visiting first.  I was always attracted to the gritty scene and I was especially attracted to the lights and the energy and the skyscrapers that always seemed to make me feel so small yet at the same time made me feel like anything was possible.  And now, 20 years later I not only live in the best city in the world for creative minds, I notice I like to paint city scapes in my pieces.  For some reason that energy shows up a lot in my work.  I think it's my own way of being nostalgic with my work, you know how everybody loves being nostalgic about their own life. ; }"      



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